Dr Geraldine Lee-Treweek developed Change and Achieve to focus on supporting personal development and change through Counselling Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Education (learning and training events and courses). 
The ethos of the company is about empowering through knowledge and skills, so that people can deal with issues themselves. When you empower people, you build up their skills and abilities so that they can develop address their experiences and become better able to deal with these. 
The purpose of all Change and Achieve activities is to hand the keys to individuals so that they can open the doors they need to themselves. This approach can be encapsulated through the ACHIEVE ethos:
  • Acceptance  The programmes and activities centre an acceptance of all those seeking help and training and respect they come from different backgrounds and experience.
  • Change-oriented  The programmes and activities are based on supporting change for good, change for now and change for the future; individuals building and becoming stronger through learning new skills and then using new skills.
  • Help  Everything we do offers help that is supportive and based on techniques that recognise your strengths and abilities.
  • Impact Always thinking beyond the immediate counselling, training or education etc., to longer term positive effects and impacts, sustaining changes to help you tackle challenges in the future.
  • Empowering and enabling  Empowerment lies at the core of all the work of Change and Achieve. To have lasting effects we all need to feel empowered and to feel we can own and drive our journey of change confidently.
  • Veracity  This is about realness and authenticity, support that is based on honesty and valuing difference and diversity.
  • Enablement  Being provided with skills, techniques and competencies that will enable you to drive forward successful change in your life.
Change and Achieve offers a range of self-affirming personal development and exploration activities including Counselling Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Educational/training events. Why not have a look at the sections of this site to find out more and/or if you have a question, contact us through the contact web form today?

The self-development course currently running is Successful Recovery from Harmful/Damaging Relationships for Women

Over the one-day empowerment workshop, and the follow-up 15 hours of self-study and activities, you will focus on understanding and then addressing how to build a recovery from damaging relationships. The programme is based on your empowerment, providing you with understandings, knowledge, skills, and tools to help jump start self-healing skills and processes.  This includes:

  • How to understand what happened to you through finding out about coercive control, abuse, and trauma and how these can affect us all after a bad relationship.
  • How to identify and tackle issues of negative thinking, self-criticism, and feelings of ‘not being enough’, for instance, using cognitive behavioural and other techniques,
  • How to use relaxation, meditation and very basic self-hypnosis, and other techniques to address difficult feelings and situations and calm your mind to address with stress and anxiety,
  • How to harness self-compassion to support feeling better day-by-day,
  • How to better identify and protect yourself from negative relationships in the future (remembering that you are never to blame for the abuse of others, but on some occasions, there are indicators that can alert you to potential problems).
Our courses
Counselling Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Training and Experience
Dr Geraldine Lee-Treweek

Our programme will give you the skills for your future

Change and Achieve Programmes, which are carefully designed using knowledge from Counselling and Psychotherapy, Psychology, Sociology, Gender Studies, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Criminology provide a firm base for personal development.